Monday, February 18, 2013

Dusting off some cobwebs

Well, it looks like I hadn't been here for some time.

I'd like to thank all the people that are still coming over to this blog, even if it hadn't been updated for several years.

I couldn't even find the password to access the admin pages, but I recovered it eventually, so I could finally remove a lot of spam that had piled up among the comments to the previous post. While I was there, I also updated the blog template.

I'm afraid I don't have much to say about MAME now, because I haven't been involved in its development for quite some time. Sorry! MAME was an endless source of stimulating challenges, but required too much time and dedication for a hobby.

As some of you might have guessed from my contributions to decryption of arcade games, I've always had a strong interest for mathematical and logic puzzles. Mobile devices are the ideal platform for this kind of games, so that's where my main focus is at the moment.
In 2012 I released my first game for iPhone/iPod: Twin Beams. I'm now working on a new game.

I've also started a new blog: Nontrivial Games. It is dedicated to reviews of logic puzzles for iPhone and iPad. So if you share my interest for puzzles, hopefully you'll like to follow my ramblings over there.

Kind Regards,



xw0lf said...

what tools you use to create ipod/iphone games? if you use unity3d, why not consider idea to port your games to android world? unity3d is multiplatform tool, makin very easy to port apps between android/apple worlds..? any opinion?

Mohammad said...

Wow six years almost to the day! Thanks for the small update and good luck with your game(s). Thanks for creating MAME too! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

Nicola Salmoria said...

Twin Beams was developed using the Marmalade SDK, so in theory I could have ported it to Android rather easily, though there has been no request so far.

I'm writing the next game directly in Objective-C in Xcode, so porting that one would be more complicated.

Mitchell Hancock said...

From Dullaron. Thanks for MAME. =)

Luca said...

Bentornato! :-)

Nick Sardelianos said...


Thanks for MAME. You wrote your name in computer history.

As for mobile... I would indeed suggest you add Android (or even switch to it). Way better development platform and way bigger user base.
(and better devices after all...)

Claudio H. Picolo said...

Ow... MAME itself is a incredible goal done.
I imagine the challenge of understanding hundreds of arcade hardware one-by-one.
Specially one that I believe is absolutelly impossible to find any info: Polybius.
Some people think they found finally the lost ROMs of this misterious machine:
Do you believe it?

DL - La Margherita - Lazio said...

Grandissimo nicola. sei un grandissimo poeta.

AnimalBear said...
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Daniel Lemes said...

Hi Nicola, would it be possible to do a short interview with you, via e-mail, to publish in my website about old games? (It's in brazilian portuguese).

If yes, please contact me and i send you the questions: memoriabit(AT)memoriabit(DOT)com(DOT)br

Thanks in advance and thanks a lot for MAME.

Carl Johnson said...

I want the mame team dump all cps1 especially The punisher and Warriors of fate

Rex Sid said...

Many many thanks for releasing M.A.M.E.

You are the God !

Have a good one to you, and best of luck with your new games as well.