Saturday, February 12, 2005


On one side, decrypting the tiles of the RISE11 chip used by Raiden Fighters Jet was easier than I thought: after placing a few bits of the source data, it became apparent that the bit order was the same as the RISE10 chip used by Raiden Fighters 2.

On the other side, however, it wasn't that easy because a couple of pixel didn't want to decrypt correctly. Eventually, it turned out to be a carry that wraps around from bit 23 to bit 0. Nasty!

So I have finished decrypting the tile graphics in all Seibu games. What I will have to do next is fix how the tiles are rendered on the screen in the RISE games, because currently the tilemap layers show garbage most of the time. The above shot is pretty much the only place without graphics errors (caused either by tile banking, or sprite encryption).


Anonymous said...

we are not worthy, we are not worthy!
m(_ _)m

Anonymous said...

Grande, Nicola!!
Stai facendo passi da gigante con una tale semplicità!!!


Raiden99 said...


each day i check your blog and each day i'm completly amazed about your very impressive stuff. This is a very good idea you had, beginning with working on all tilemaps so that i suppose you'll be able to deliver perfect drivers for all seibu games. I hope you realize you're doing something very important for the whole shmup community !!!!! we have been waiting for this since a so long time, thinking that no one would make the dream come true. Thanks again for all the time you spend working on this. God bless You ;)

Anonymous said...

you are a wonderfull person, I hope you dreams come true.
not everyone will dedicate his personal time day after day like you and the mame team is doing.

thank you berry much.