Sunday, January 15, 2006

8GB / 2 is still 4GB

sfzj_049e38[x] ^ 0xffff == sfzj_05ee0c[x ^ 0xffff]


J. said...


CPS2 anyone???


anonymous said...

I wound be surprised if the NSA hadn't tried to forcefully enlist his services yet. hell the CIA kidnaps people more than we know from other countrys why not scientists. :(

But baring the negativity though nice work Nicola.

JustNiz said...

Looks like some sort of algorithm to get a value(address?) via an encrypted(?) offset into a lookup table.

tano said...

salve รจ possibile emulare street fighter III : 3rd strike?

Blue Valentine said...

Hi, I am trying to contact you to ask you some things about "old" vg, trademarks and royalties, can you please contact me back (I couldn't find an e-mail address to write you)?
Thank you so much.


noglories said...

everyone thinking the same thing, it it the way of playing cps3games or not.. :)

no brothers, this is science, not the games... ha haha

in my country there is a saying:

the sheep is in trouble with its life, and the butcher is in trouble with meat.


Calucifer said...

hum... lemme try...

maybe its comparison of adress content?